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Professional Stump grinding

grinderStump grinding is usually the most cost effective way to remove a tree or shrub stump. At Aspenwall Tree Service we have a small portable stump grinding machine that will fit through a 36" gate opening, in order to get to those back yard stumps. We also have a tow behind stump grinding machine that makes it cost effective to remove larger easy accessible stumps.

The grinding from the stump can be left on site for use as mulch under other tree's throughout the property. Or we can do full restoration which includes hauling of the stump chips, bringing in black dirt + seed to restore the site.

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Other Services Offered


Aspenwall Tree RemovalWhether it is due to infestation, disease, age or weather, Aspenwall Tree Service, Inc. has the knowledge, experience and the equipment to get the job done. We are also available for emergency tree removal due to storm damage.


bucket2Proper tree pruning provides many great benefits including and we at Aspenwall Tree Service, Inc. follow ANSI A300 standards for proper tree pruning. Click above to read the many benefits and to schedule an appointment today.


Stump GridingStump grinding is often the most cost effective way to remove a tree or shrub stump. We have a variety of stump grinding machines based on the size of project. We also provide a full restoration of the site once the project is complete.


Tree and Plant HealthcareFertilization can increase the health and vigor of trees and shrubs which can help prevent disease and insect attacks. Click here to see more information on the need for tree fertilization, when to fertilize and to setup your appointment with us.


dsb3Aspenwall Tree Service, Inc. encourages a proactive approach to managing insect and diseases which begins with maintaining tree health using sound cultural practices including pruning and creating optimal soil conditions for tree growth.

Cabling, Bracing and other services.

We also offer cabling and bracing to add support to branches with weak attachments. There is no project to large or small. We are happy to give you our professional advice on any situation and provide a free estimate. Call us today.